Apr 20

Additional Learning Resources for Parents

Additional Resources for Infant Classes

Junior and Senior Infants – Additional Oral Language Activities for Infant Classes


Senior Infants – Oral Counting – Maths Tips for Parents

Junior and Senior Infants additional school activities to continue learning at home




Eadai – school-clothes-fill-in-the-blanks-gaeilge-worksheet-gaeilge

Game JD1 Recognising and interpreting data

Game JM5 Money

Game JN1 Counting

Game JN2 Comparing and ordering

Game JS2 3-D Shapes

Game JS3 2-D Shapes

Handwriting Activity Sheets


poems and rhymes for junior to 1st class

Senior Infants Extra Maths

Tricky Word ChecklistNEW


Additional Activities for First and Second Classes

First and Second Class additional school activities to continue learning at home

Build a sentence – Gaeilge cards

Dolch Sight World – Lists and Story

Eadai – school clothes – Fill in the blanks – Gaeilge worksheet

Eadai – Clothes activity sheets pack – Irish – Gaeilge

Gaeilge -Seanfhocail with translations

Game 1A1 – Extending and using patterns

Game 1D1 – Representing and interpreting data

Game 1M1 – Length

Game 1M4 – Time

Game 1M5 – Money – euro

Game 1N6 – Fractions

Game 1S2 – 2-D Shapes

Game 1S3 – 3-D Shapes

Handwriting Activity Sheets

Maths – St Patricks Day – addition mosaic activity sheets

Poems and rhymes for junior to 1st class


Tricky Word Checklist – NEW

My News – Helpful words chart

Write About the Pictures: At Home – School – The Park – The Swimming Pool – The Birthday Party