Jun 07

Board of Management – Agreed Report

A meeting of the BOM took place on Tuesday 31st of May. The agreed report from the meeting is outlined below:

  • The BOM convey their sympathies to Mary Coyle and her family on the death of her father, R.I.P
  • The following three policies were ratified by the BOM; Gaeilge Plan, Lone Workers Policy and Parents as Partners
  • There was a discussion regarding the modernisation of pictures, statues and images throughout the school. It is hoped that a committee will be formed┬áto work on this in September
  • Fun Walk in Belleek: Parents are encouraged to attend and get involved in the fun run/walk in Belleek on Friday June 3rd. Refreshments will be provided for children and adults.
  • Work is on-going on moving the school building project forward